Chapter 7 - The Cockpit Platform Library

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The Cockpit Platform Library provides the basic set of functions, structures and interfaces described in the Microsoft Platform SDK. Since one man's life is too short to bring the complete Platform SDK to Xbase++ and there are many features I know I'll never need, I concentrated on the ones I came across working my way through the Windows standard literature. I cross checked these functions with the Platform SDK and normally implemented the complete function category with the related structures. I took a similar approach with the interfaces while I worked my way through the COM/ActiveX literature.


The current version of the Core Platform Library contains mostly the functions described in the 1997 edition of the MSDN CDs.


To find the documentation for the functions, structures and interfaces please check either the MSDN CDs or look them up on the Microsoft MSDN Online site. If you are in doubt about parameter conversion, you can look up the function descriptions in the dll import function lists.


Windows API Functions

Windows API Structures

Windows API Interfaces



The API objects provided by Cockpit are a collection of functions that take the handle to the object as first parameter. The object name is normally stripped of the function name when it is made available as a method. The dll import function lists can be consulted to find out the method names if they differ from the function names.


Windows API Objects