ConvWTextIn - Convert a text string from the Cockpit application character set to Unicode

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<cUnicodeText> := ConvWTextIn( <cTextString> [, <nAddChr0Count>] )




<cTextString> is the text string to be converted to the Unicode character set.




<nAddChr0Count> is the number of additional 0-bytes to be added to the return string. The default is 1 because strings passed to dll functions are automatically terminated with a 0 byte and two are required to terminate a Unicode text string according to C conventions.

Return value

The Unicode equivalent of the passed text string.


ConvWTextIn converts the passed parameter to the Unicode character set.  If the effective Cockpit application character set is Oem, a conversion from Oem to Unicode will take place, otherwise a translation from Ansi to Unicode will be performed.




Character set conversion

Quick Info

Library: cckptcor.lib / cckptcor.dll

See also

ConvWTextOut, SetCX, Character set conversion





* Set the Cockpit application character set to Ansi



* Convert an Ansi text string to Unicode

unicodeString := ConvWTextIn("Here we go.")